1 Why should I use JBC Cars? 
JBC offers job network to the drivers all over australia and united kingdom.

> Simple procedure to open an account.
> Easy access to buy the lead as per your location and your appropriate schedule.
> No sign up fee and yes no monthly or yearly fee.
> one job to one driver , no any bidding hassle. 


2 Is there any sign up fee or monthlty or yearly fee?
No. There is no any sign up fee monthly or yearly fee. Buy the lead, pay per lead  and get paid instantly.


3 Do i need to use my own vehicles?
Yes. You must have your own car with the valid driving licence. 


4 I’m not looking for work right now. Should I still create a profile?
Yes. You can simply create an account and whenever you feel to work you can simply buy the leads and do the job.


5 How do i get paid?
Once the job is completed the amount will be transfer into your bank account.


6 What are the documents that i need to provide to open an account?
You must provide the valid licence details along with the attached copy of your licence and relevant qualification or experience document if you have.


7 How can i Open an account?
Its simple to open an account . Just go on register page, fill out the details and you are ready to go.


8 How can i see the job?
Once your  account is approved username and password will be sent in your email. Use that  login details under membership access box.Once you login  you will be able to see the job in your dashboard. The job will be diaplayed as per the preffered area you cover.


9 How can i log in to my account?
Once you open an account then the username and password will be sent in your email address. Use the username and password to log into your account.

10 Is it necesary to open an account to get the job?
Yes. It is compulsory to open an account to buy the leads.